Pixwords 7 letters level 232 answers

Welcome to Pixwords answers (7 letters word – level 232 answers)

For every word in the crossword puzzle players are given a picture; each new picture is unlocked when the player correctly guesses the last word. It may sound pretty simple and the idea is relatively simple, but the game gets difficult pretty fast. Getting stuck is something players should expect to happen often.


If you get stuck on this level you can find the answer below the image

Pixwords CONTROL

Pixwords answer: CONTROL

If this was not the image or the answer you were searching for, go to the homepage of Pixwords 7 letters answers and select another image.

Not only is PixWords pretty difficult, it is also a very long game with more than 500 levels to work through which become increasingly more difficult as the games goes on. The game is also offers support for 21 different languages.

This is certainly a game for puzzle and crossword fans, so this could certainly be too difficult for some players but for those looking for a fun, smooth, difficult puzzle game, PixWords could certainly be what you’re looking for.

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